TrakkaCam Gyro-stabilized Multi-sensor Camera Systems

Trakka Systems’ world-class range of camera products is as sophisticated and reliable as our searchlights. TrakkaCam products are a range of cost-effective, ITAR-free, high performance gyro-stabilized single or dual LRU gimbal systems for Surveillance and Utility/Environmental Survey applications. Our internal multi-sensor payloads are modular and fully configurable to ensure adaptability and to provide the best match with mission needs. Our electro-optical sensors are augmented with video processing and sophisticated image enhancement allowing users to see through conditions of fog, haze and low-light or darkness. Our inbuilt software can also blend images to exploit features from different sensors providing imagery of activities that otherwise would go undetected. All of our systems can be interfaced with moving map systems and secure data links. These attributes enable operators and command centres to share mission critical information in real time whilst providing enhanced situational awareness via augmented reality overlays or pure synthetic views. Advanced aesthetic design and weatherproof construction allows the TrakkaCam to perform under the harshest environments. All of our systems are designed to meet DO-160 requirements with materials that offer the highest strength to weight advantages.






TrakkaCam Surveillance Systems

The TC- and SWE- LE series of multi-sensor surveillance products offers para-military and military users a choice of land and airborne imaging solutions based on three sizes of gyro-stabilized gimbals. All sensors and components are completely ITAR-exempt and are widely exportable.

Characteristics are:

Trakka Systems TC-300 is a compact, high performance, new generation single-LRU multi-sensor surveillance system setting new standards for innovative ergonomic and industrial design. The system comprises an innovative lightweight 300mm gimbal and has a total mass less than 19kg. It features high performance fully digital 4-axis gyro-stabilization, and a payload suite comprising MWIR thermal imager with continuous zoom (options for MCT and InSb), colour HDTV with continuous zoom and various laser sensors. A fully integrated IMU/GPS provides for Geo-Location and Moving Map integration, and the system features an advanced HD video engine, including Automatic Target Tracking, Scene Hold, Image Blending, Haze Reduction etc. The system is European and completely ITAR-free for maximum exportability.


For air, maritime and land missions including law enforcement, search and rescue, civil protection, military ISR and force protection, on a variety of manned and unmanned platforms or installations. TC-300-SWIR's shortwave IR camera is uniquely suited for forest fire mapping, allowing the user to see through the smoke.

SWE-200 LE

The SWE-200 LE is a compact and lightweight dual-LRU multi-sensor surveillance system offering day and night mission capabilities. With a diameter of only 200mm, the SWE-200 LE is the only product in its class that provides a fully digital 4-axis gyro-stabilized platform making it the ideal choice for installation on small aircraft, rotorcraft, UAVs and land vehicles where size, weight and cost are challenging factors. The SWE-200 LE can accommodate various payload options, including uncooled & cooled thermal imagers, HD TV cameras as well as a laser range finder. Video target tracking, geo-location, and various remote interface options are available.

TrakkaCam Integrated Optical Solutions

TrakkaCam IOS

Detect, interrogate and resolve volatile situations from a safe stand-off distance.
Trakka’s Integrated Optronic Solutions (IOS) are a family of high-performance, integrated vision-enabling solutions built around Trakka’s gyrostabilised camera systems and searchlights. They are specifically designed for integration into armoured vehicles, and have been developed for advanced Situational Awareness, Route Clearance and IED Detection capability. Trakka’s IOS provide a decisive tactical advantage by delivering safe and superior stand-off ISR capability for the APC crew from within the vehicle, whether static or on the move. Trakka’s IOS can also be fitted to observation towers and other fixed installations to provide the same tactical advantages for force protection, border protection, coastal protection and protection of other critical national infrastructure (CNI).


TrakkaCam Utility and Environmental Survey Systems

The SWE-300 HDIR/Triple and SWE-400 QUAD multi-sensor imaging systems offer commercial users the capability to measure temperatures in real time, to image Corona discharges, and to collect high resolution video and still images from an airborne platform. The systems can be fully integrated with mapping systems and reporting software to deliver comprehensive fault reports to industry users. The products are manufactured in Sweden and they are completely ITAR-free and are widely exportable.

Typical applications include:

The TC-300-R imaging system offers commercial users the capability to measure temperatures in real time and to collect high resolution video from an airborne platform. The systems can be fully integrated with geo-spatiale recorders, mapping systems and reporting software to deliver comprehensive fault reports to industry users. The products are completely ITAR-free and are widely exportable.


The SWE-400 QUAD combines all of the sensors and features found in the SWE-300 series above, together with the addition of a megapixel digital frame camera in a 400mm fully digital 4-axis gyro-stabilized platform. The photo camera offers fast auto focusing and fast image storage for high-resolution fault reference capture. All stored photos are geo-referenced with location information.