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Trakka Systems business is Critical Vision Technology. Whatever your requirements, we provide active and passive vision sensors and systems to ensure your mission success. Whether in the air, on land or at sea, Trakka Systems has a family of multi-mission products to meet all your needs. We are famed for our disruptive technology, turning traditional paradigms on their heads.


Our TrakkaBeam searchlights were the first to offer innovative refractive optics – in place of the traditional reflective optics, with all the latter’s limitations in terms of excessive power consumption, poor beam quality and lack of multi mission internal spectral filters.


And our new generation gyro-stabilised camera systems are shaking up the imaging market, offering state-of-the-art performance for a fraction of the usual cost, in sleek and ergonomically designed lightweight form factors.


These searchlights and cameras can be combined with Trakka’s innovative mapping system as well as 3rd party products, to provide you with complete critical vision solutions to ensure your mission success!






Trakka – the Only Global Manufacturer of a Total Mission System

Trakka’s total system solution integrates searchlight, camera, mapping and controller seamlessly. Launched to market in 2018, Trakka’s total system solution is gaining rapid traction in the market.




Trakka’s total mission system integrates searchlight (A800 or TLX) with camera (typically a TC300) and mapping with mission management capability (TM-100) seamlessly. Controlled with the market’s only grip that integrates searchlight and camera operation into a single unit, Trakka’s system provides a market-leading MMI that eases operator burden and supports greater operational effectiveness for all mission types


Trakka’s total system solution offering has already been endorsed by a number of high-profile ALE helicopter operators and the take up of this solution has gained real traction in the market. Users appreciate this unique and cost-effective system solution that incorporates Trakka’s in-house IP and technology. This is due to the peace of mind that the users experience having Trakka as a single point of responsibility for ensuring the seamless integration and operation of the total system.


• Ease of operator burden
• Seamless system integration with single point of responsibility for total system support
• More affordable package
• All product manufactured by Trakka using Trakka IP