Critical vision technology
For land applications

Our superior searchlight and camera technology is designed for both covert and overt operations. Should your mission be border security, forward observation posts, insurgent identification, long-range stand off surveillance, ambush or IED detection, whether mobile or static, then Trakka Systems has you covered.


Integrated optronic solutions
for vehicles and fixed observation posts

Detect, interrogate and resolve volatile situations from a safe stand-off distance.

Trakka’s Integrated Optronic Solutions (IOS) are a family of high-performance, integrated vision-enabling solutions built around Trakka’s gyrostabilised camera systems and searchlights.

They are specifically designed for integration into armoured vehicles, and have been developed for advanced Situational Awareness, Route Clearance and IED Detection capability. Trakka’s IOS provide a decisive tactical advantage by delivering safe and superior stand-off ISR capability for the APC crew from within the vehicle, whether static or on the move.

Trakka’s IOS can also be fitted to observation towers and other fixed installations to provide the same tactical advantages for force protection, border protection, coastal protection and protection of other critical national infrastructure (CNI).


Trakka’s IOS can be integrated with advanced complementary detection systems using adjunct technologies including ground-based radar, Electronic Warfare, acoustics and unattended ground sensors. This provides full multispectral situational awareness which can be combined with command & control systems plus appropriate communications and effectors to manage the threat environment.


Own the day and night

Trakka’s team of experienced industry professionals has a proven track record in the design, manufacture, installation and support of IOS, providing:

ISR critical functions

  • Situational awareness
  • Force protection
  • Force multiplication
  • Operate on the move
  • Safe stand-off distances
  • Persistent ISR, day or night, all conditions
  • Route clearance and IED detection
  • SWAT
  • Counter-Terror
  • Perimeter security
  • Border and coastal protection
  • Critical infrastructure protection


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