Binoculars and Spotter Scopes

Trakka Systems proudly presents our range of tactical, polarized binoculars and scopes, a world first in optical innovation and advancement. Incorporating our Patented (US Patent No. 9,470,901.) polarization methodology and design into our product’s integrated optical array we are able ensure that the viewer’s image is optically correct, providing a clear polarized image across the whole field of view at all times without any adjustment required, other than focusing. Our range of high quality binoculars and scopes is the only range of such products which is capable of offering users all the advantages of polarized filtration while maintaining perfect optical clarity and adding depth to the field of view. Conventional binoculars and scopes are able to achieve crude polarization by using external non-glare coatings or by adding additional external filters. Although these methods do provide a level of polarization the resultant image is often not optimal due to significant loss of light and distortion of the depth of field. Hence surface reflections and glare such as encountered on water and other reflective surfaces, result in hard-to-see targets at distance when trying to fine-tune the focus.



Our products are ruggedized in design to withstand harsh use and extreme environmental conditions. All of our binoculars and scopes use the highest quality lenses, which are shock-resistant, nitrogen-filled and weatherproof, and are additionally protected by the textured rubber outer-armour that has been ergonomically designed for maximum performance.


The products are manufactured to comply fully with IP67.


The advantages of our patented and internal polarized optical array are that it:


  • Improves visual acuity and safety
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Reduces reflections and glare and enhances visual clarity
  • Provides realistic depth perception
  • Is an all one-piece construction with no moving parts
  • Has no external caps or filter wheels to lose or break
  • Provides continuous polarized protection across the whole of the field of view