TrakkaBeam – Light Years Ahead

The TrakkaBeam searchlight represents a complete – and positive – turnaround in searchlight engineering and design. Our amazing TrakkaBeam completely eliminates the legacy issues and inefficiencies of traditional searchlight technology. TrakkaBeam’s unique design and rugged construction guarantee the highest proven Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) in the industry. With its sleek, aerodynamic styling, low power draw, low weight, superior mission functionality and reliability, TrakkaBeam has become the enviable benchmark in aviation searchlight performance. Right around the globe, airborne, ground and maritime law enforcement, security, search and rescue and other agencies all rely on the TrakkaBeam searchlight system to achieve their critical mission objectives.




Key features
Superior beam, superb clarity

TrakkaBeam is unique in its ability to deliver a high-powered, uniform beam of light that eliminates black holes and fading, and ensures optimum clarity and cover for all types of tracking and surveillance. Effective collimation (making the beam more coherent) and reduction of stray light are achieved by precision designed refractive optical elements in front of the arc source. This eliminates the black holes that are produced by traditional reflector-based lamps, and enables the TrakkaBeam to consistently deliver effective uniform edge-to-edge illumination, reducing the incidence of “lost targets” and incomplete or failed missions.

Multi-mission functionality

The TrakkaBeam includes the industry’s only in-flight, multi-filter solution. From inside the cockpit, up to six different filters can be activated at the touch of a button. Filters can range from extremely covert infrared to ultra-violet. Different filter options reduce glare from fog or white sand, or can enhance natural colour in the target field, or can be used for close-in hoist work without impairing ground crew night vision. This ingenious internal design reduces bulk and weight, guards against costly future maintenance, and enhances mission capability and versatility.

DO-160F tried and tested

The TrakkaBeam A800 system has been rigorously tested and certified to DO-160F standards by internationally recognized laboratories in the U.S., Germany and Australia. Designed to ensure trouble free operation from installation through the life of the system, critical tests for product robustness and reliability are undertaken including:

A truly mean performer

TrakkaBeam offers the highest proven MTBF (mean time between failure) in the industry. Backed with a comprehensive warranty, this makes our systems the most advanced and cost effective range of searchlights on the market.



The A800 Searchlight

A high-intensity, high-power searchlight designed for airborne platforms and now accepted as the benchmark of choice for key helicopter OEM’s , the TrakkaBeam A800 is a fully automated multi-mission searchlight that includes an integrated filter wheel, slews at 0-60° per second elevation or azimuth, and can be easily installed on new or existing searchlight mounts. It is the ideal work-horse for airborne surveillance, SAR, CSAR, police operations, covert security missions and EMS.

The TLX Searchlight

This high-intensity, high power searchlight is the latest model in the Trakka Systems range. Complementing the proven work-horse A800, the TLX is a premier product offering more performance, features and functionality in the same form-factor. The TLX provides a massive 25% increase in light intensity across the beam, while requiring an even lower power draw. With the characteristic Trakka full and uniform edge-to-edge light-spread across the beam diameter, the TLX leads the industry for total beam brightness, clarity and control. It also offers an industry-first optional dual sensor TI/TV co-located camera payload for enhanced day/night situational awareness. This coupled with a new GEO Axis Lock option, means the TLX greatly enhances your night-time situational awareness and mission capabilities.

The TLXc Searchlight

With all the advantages of the TLX, the newly released TLXc offers the world’s best searchlight technology together with an industry-first dual sensor TI/TV camera payload. The TLXc has been designed to offer superior illumination coupled with wide angle fixed field of view cameras for enhanced day/night situational awareness. This coupled with a new GEO Axis Lock option, means the TLX greatly enhances your night-time situational awareness and mission capabilities.

The A800M Searchlight

Designed for marine platforms, the TrakkaBeam A800M searchlight was developed from the environmental testing lessons gleaned from the development of the A800. The high-powered A800M can be controlled either by a control panel, pistol grip, or via integrated slaving through RS232 or RS422 third party interfaces. The A800M provides mariners with a high-intensity, high-power searchlight with superior beam profile, low weight, and multi-function internal filter wheel. The amber filter is especially adept at handling water spray and fog, while the red and infra-red filters are useful for surveillance and navigation purposes.

The M800 Searchlight

Designed for land-based platforms, the M800 searchlight is a remote controlled system with an internally integrated filter wheel. The M800 can be utilized as a fully self-contained unit on ground-based equipment such as tripods, vehicles or marine vessels. Alternatively, it can be integrated with other sensors or pan-and-tilt mechanisms for applications involving surveillance towers, checkpoints and forward observation points.


Trakka Systems now owns, or has pending, several EASA and FAA Supplementary Type Certificates (STC’s) for the installation of the TrakkaBeam A800 onto various helicopter models. Trakka Systems has made this significant investment in order to help you, the customer, get the most cost-effective and innovative installation solutions for the integration of our searchlight system and its control options onto your helicopters.

TrakkaBeam Accessories

Trakka also offers a complete range of accessories to help you get the most functionality and flexibility from the searchlight for your mission.


  • Selection of multispectral filter options
  • Hand Grip Controller
  • Trakka Control Panel
  • Laser Pointer
  • Control interface unit (CIU)
  • Power control interface unit (PCIU)